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A Better Tomorrow – Stop Second Generation Crime

A Better Tomorrow :

More than 320,000 children in Thailand have one or both  of their parent who has been incarcerated each year.  Most of these disadvantage children lack of education opportunity, some are homeless , forced to join a gang,  involved in sex trade , or  involved in drugs..   
Statistics show staggering likelihood that Children of prisoners might follow in the footstep of their parent , and will end up behind bars too.  Second generation crime is real and trending upward…!

By supporting and enhancing the futures of these disadvantage children program  (Babies care inside prison & Scholarship for children of incarcerated parents ‘ program ) can stem the pattern of repeat behavior from parent to child.  

The education opportunity , not only make difference for their future , but also assure a better tomorrow for our generation to come and our communities with safe society too.


Creative Corrections Education Foundation (Thailand) ,or  CCEF (Thailand) is a non profit organization have been approved and founded since 22 January 2014 as the license number C.M.438 


Our goal ,with your support  is to stop the cycle of Second Generation Crime.  We will make difference , by providing scholarship for education fund and more creative strategies  to the disadvantaged children of incarcerated parents…., in hopes of supporting and enhancing the futures of these children who may not otherwise have other options or alternatives.


  Second generation crime is very real and trending upward…!