Monthly event to support "Rice for Life ‘s program" April, 2015

มูลนิธิ ครีเอทีพ คอร์เรคชั่น เอ็ดดูเคชั่น (ประเทศไทย)

Creative Corrections Education Foundation (Thailand)

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          On April 14,2015 , Creative Corrections Education Foundation (Thailand) – CCEF (Thailand)  once again had a monthly event to provide  "Rice for Life ‘s program" for 31 families of the elderly & very poor people in Tambon Maejan , Maejan district , Chiang rai Province.
          CCEF (Thailand) also had a meeting with the board member of Wat Ban San Phatana to evaluate the program and set the goal of this year to extend more support for 50 families of the elderly & very poor people from 4 communities in Tambon Maejan.
          As the Songkran festival  - the Thai’s New Year event , we also had a special event for everyone to pour water on the hands of Mrs. Sununt Pitzer , Mr. Percy Pitzer  and Mrs. Suphan Benjarong who are revered elders and major supporters of CCEF (Thailand) then ask for blessing too.

Please join us by making a difference to support donation for the elderly & the children of incarcerated parents. 
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